Profile - About Us

'Inspiration and creativity, plus a real appreciation of a client's
objectives are the key factors in our success'
Patrick Tyberghein, Managing Director

Profile - About Us

Patrick Tyberghein leads a strong talented team of creative interior designers, architects and support staff all passionate about their work.

With their combined years of expertise and multi-disciplinary skills, the team view each commission with a fresh eye to avoid a set practice style and have the foresight to incorporate innovative solutions into each concept and the experience to maximise every project to its full potential.

Committed to working closely with clients to interpret their needs and aspirations, the team's vitality and enthusiasm makes them both personable and easy to work with, ensuring the highest standards are sustained from concept to completion.

Brought up in France, Patrick studied interior architecture in Paris and moved to London honing his skills working with several renowned interior designers before establishing London based CARTERTYBERGHEIN in 1997.

Today the consultancy has projects all over the world and has been included time after time in the House & Garden Magazine's 100 Leading Interior Designers.